Peter H. Merkl

Rightwing Extremism in the Twenty-first Century

Coedited with Leonard Weinberg

To give due credit to the contributors,
here is a table of contents:

P.H.Merkl, Introduction

I: The Extreme Right in the Ascendancy
P.H.Merkl, Stronger than ever
R.Eatwell, Ten Theories of the Extreme Right
H.-G.Betz, The Growing Threat of the Radical Right

II: Comparing Public Indicators
C.Westin, Racism and the Political Right: European Perspectives
A.Wilcox, L.Weinberg, W. Eubank, Explaining National Variations in Support for Far Right Political Parties in Western Europe, 1990-2000
P. Ignazi, The Development of the Extreme Right at the End of the Century

III: Changing National Contexts
M. Minkenberg, M.Schain, The Front National in Context: French and European Dimensions
K.R.Luther, The FPOe: From Populist Protest to Incumbency
E.Zimmermann, Rightwing Extremism and Xenophobia in Germany: Escalation, Exaggeration, or What?
V.Tolz, Rightwing Extremism in Russia: The Dynamics of the 1990s
J.v.Donselaar, Patterns of Response to the Extreme Right in Western Europe

L.Weinberg, Conclusion

Selected Works

When Parties Prosper
The Uses of Electoral Success

This is a follow-up to When Parties Fail (Princeton University Press,1988) by the same editors and compares how stable, successful parties in 16 contemporary democracies have acquired and maintained their leading roles.
The Rift Between America and Old Europe:
The Distracted Eagle

The transatlantic rift of 2002-2004 originated mostly from unilateral policies of the Bush administration before the Iraq war.
Rightwing Extremism in the Twenty-first Century
This is a collection of essays on European rightwing extremist movements with emphasis on comparison.
A Coup Attempt in Washington?
A European Mirror on the 1998-1999 Constitutional Crisis

The Clinton impeachment, with all its questionable constitutional details, as seen by the European press.