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Rightwing Extremism in the Twenty-first Century

Coedited with Leonard Weinberg

To give due credit to the contributors,
here is a table of contents:

P.H.Merkl, Introduction

I: The Extreme Right in the Ascendancy
P.H.Merkl, Stronger than ever
R.Eatwell, Ten Theories of the Extreme Right
H.-G.Betz, The Growing Threat of the Radical Right

II: Comparing Public Indicators
C.Westin, Racism and the Political Right: European Perspectives
A.Wilcox, L.Weinberg, W. Eubank, Explaining National Variations in Support for Far Right Political Parties in Western Europe, 1990-2000
P. Ignazi, The Development of the Extreme Right at the End of the Century

III: Changing National Contexts
M. Minkenberg, M.Schain, The Front National in Context: French and European Dimensions
K.R.Luther, The FPOe: From Populist Protest to Incumbency
E.Zimmermann, Rightwing Extremism and Xenophobia in Germany: Escalation, Exaggeration, or What?
V.Tolz, Rightwing Extremism in Russia: The Dynamics of the 1990s
J.v.Donselaar, Patterns of Response to the Extreme Right in Western Europe

L.Weinberg, Conclusion