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A Coup Attempt in Washington? A European Mirror on the 1998-1999 Constitutional Crisis

"Peter Merkl’s A Coup Attempt in Washington is the gripping story of how perplexed European nations and newspapers viewed the odd spectacle of Bill Clinton’s prolonged impeachment ordeal. Judiciously researched and richly textured, this book is an important contribution to our better understanding of those surreal days when the Lewinsky sex scandal paralyzed the White House and warped the U.S. media."

--Douglas Brinkley on dust cover

"One does not know whom [the Kenneth Starr Report] dishonors most, the president, the prosecutor [Starr] or those who have authorized the distribution of the texts [the U.S. Congress]."
--Charles Lambrosini in Le Figaro, September 14, 1998

"This does... begin to take on the appearance of a coup [d’état]."
--Representative John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee, Dec. 12, 1998